EAP Testimonials and Reviews

"We consider The Village Business Institute to be a real partner in our business. From the training provided that helps meet our business needs to the resources available to help with personal needs, The Village Business Institute is there for us. We also see The Village Business Institute as a resource when dealing with situations that are new or infrequent in occurrence. Although a situation might be new to us, the employees at The Village Business Institute can usually provide experience and expertise that helps us work through the situation. We appreciate the resources that The Village Business Institute provides, and we appreciate the partnership." --Peter Wasberg, Manager, Human Resources, Otter Tail Power Company, Fergus Falls, MN

"Easy, confidential, multitude of services." -- EAP client

"I have been treated well throughout the process during my time here." --EAP client

"I felt I was talking to a friend who understood what I was going through." --EAP client

"Knowing because of The Village, we were able to get the treatment that was needed." --EAP client

"I appreciate the thorough and professional manner in which I was worked with." --EAP client

"Calming feeling knowing I can get help and not worry about the cost." --EAP client

"Not worrying about the financial aspect of care, feeling supported by counselor and employer for addressing my personal health." --EAP client

"It is because of the EAP that we would happen to get the counseling and greatly improve our marriage." -- EAP client

"Open conversation without judgement or critiscism." --EAP client